19th Annual Key West Half Marathon & 5K

JANUARY 15, 2017





2016 Race Results

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Half Marathon Results:
1) Thomas Madsen – From Denmark – Finish Time 01:14:35
2) Scott Byers – From Miami, FL – Finish Time 01:18:23
3 )Corey Peyerk – From Sarasota, FL – Finish 01:23:33
1) Julie Stackhouse- From Jacksonville ,FL – Finish Time 01:25:36
2) Christine Witte From Charlotte, NC – Finish Time 01:26:38
3) Zenia Mogensen From Denmark – Finish Time 01:27:56
1) Michael Sewell From Camden, DE Finish Time 01:23:15
2) Aldo Virano From Jupiter, FL1:27:52 Finsih Time 01:27:51
3) Joseph Monroe from Stafford, VA Finish Time 01:28:09
1) Kim Pawelek Brantly From St Augustine, FL Finish Time 01:30:37
2) Katharine Baloga From New Windsor, NY Finish Time 01:32:17
3) Tonya George From Merritt Island, FL Finish Time 01:33:52
1) Edward Clarke From Key Wes,t FL Finish Time 00:18:59
2) Chris De Gruyter From Hawthorn Finish Time 00:19:39
3) Rink Post From Appelscha Nl NL Finish Time 00:20:11
1) Sarah Eswar From East Amherst, NY Finish Time 00:21:25
2) Tracey Foster From West Kingston, RI Finish Time 00:21:30
3) Laura Thurston From Baltimore MD, Finish Time 00:22:53

The 19th Annual Key West Half Marathon & 5K Run held January 15, 2017

Participate in The Key West Half Marathon® in Key West, Florida. Race through Key West’s historic Old Town and waterfront areas January 15, 2017, during the annual Key West Half Marathon®. Set to begin at 7 a.m., the sporting challenge takes place on a flat, fast 13.1-mile half-marathon course in the scenic island city. Location of this year’s run is the Key West Historic Seaport at the foot of Margaret Street. The 5K Run will follow right after the start of the Half Marathon.

Now in its 19th year, We have had participants from all 50 States and 14 countries,  including Denmark, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Brazil to name a few to compete in Key West’s balmy January climate.

The Key West Half Marathon ranks in Competitor’s “Bucket List: 13 Must-Do Half Marathons in the U.S.”!

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The Key West Half Marathon ranks #3 in Runner’s World Bucket List: 10 Destination Half Marathons!


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The Key West Half Marathon Ranks #7 in the New Book, The Best Half Marathons in the World, by Steve Kesh!

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