Adrenaline Sports to Get Your Blood Pumping Before A Marathon

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According to WebMD a rush of adrenaline can help to strengthen mental concentration and heighten your physical abilities. A lot of people also describe a good adrenaline rush as feeling as though they’re invincible. For runners, mental and physical strength is important, as is the feeling of invincibility. So, it makes sense that taking part in high-octane sports could help you to prepare for a marathon. If you need some ideas, take a look at the adrenaline-inducing sports we suggest you try.

Take the Leap – Skydiving

If there is one takeaway benefit from having to jump out of a plane, it would be to build a tolerance against fear. Professional skydivers attribute love for the sport to the feeling of pure bliss after convincing themselves to take a leap of faith. Going skydiving will not only solidify your self-discipline and overall mental fortitude but it will also spur you on and make you feel energized on the morning of the marathon. You will wake up feeling fearless, having dealt with the conquering of fear in the past. There are studies that prove that skydiving releases endorphins and other chemicals that can have a positive effect on sleep, digestion, and motor control.

Retain Patience in Chaos – Deep-Sea Shark Fishing

Any mention of sharks might deter many marathon runners from this extreme sport immediately. Fishing for sharks in the deep sea is one of the most challenging sports known to man, and braving the rough waters requires patience, bravery, and determination. All of which are essential attributes to being a successful marathon runner. Shark fishing is exhilarating and requires focus when baiting up, adhering to safety, and going in for the hunt. The beautiful thing about sport is that you can take the attributes learned in one and transfer them to the other. Braving the dark ocean waters in search of sharks will undoubtedly have you feeling prepared for the long run ahead.

Clear the Mind – Snowboarding

The two main draws of going to an icy peak and slaloming your way down are the boost to your balance as well ending up smack-bang in the middle of somewhere stunning. Breathing in the icy cold air and seeing the peaks and trees fly by is a fantastic way to ease anxieties and make you feel free at high speeds. Snowboarding is the perfect sport to help you unwind in preparation for an upcoming marathon. It also helps you to narrow your focus as you have to concentrate 100% on staying upright, navigating the slopes and avoiding obstacles. This gives you clarity of mind as you simply cannot think of anything but boarding and your survival.

Refine Your Focus Before A Run

Preparing for a marathon is not only about physical fitness but mental fitness too. A marathon requires a solid mindset with good self-discipline and focus. One of the major benefits of having an adrenaline rush is a natural mood boost as well as the strengthening of mental fortitude. Completing a marathon is a personal challenge. Overcoming smaller personal challenges en route to a marathon is the best way to prepare. 

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