How Can Running Boost Your Chances of Getting into Health Studies?

 In Hemingway 5K Sunset Run & Paddle Board Race, Key West Half Marathon

In order to succeed as a marathon runner, you are called upon to display knowledge in a wide array of subjects, including nutrition, psychology, and outdoor and environmental subjects. Something as simple as failing to consume the right fuel, or neglecting a problem like anxiety and depression can stand in the way of your success as an athlete. If you have been training for marathons for months or even years, you may have developed an interest in a health-related field. But the question is, how can your knowledge and practice of running help you succeed in the health industry; moreover, what type of degrees can you consider?

A Keen Knowledge of the Human Anatomy 

As a successful runner, you are probably knowledgeable about the anatomy of runners. Entire books and fields are devoted to this field. During marathon training, you can potentially injure various parts of your body via stress fractures, joint injuries, and muscle tears or ruptures. In order to reduce your risk of injury and to recover from injuries, you may have had to delve into everything from stretching to footwear, corrective exercises, core strengthening, and more. All this knowledge will be key when it comes to convincing top universities that you are the right fit for a health-related branch.

What Courses are Related to Running?

Health studies vary in nature, ranging from a general BsC in Sexual Health to a Health Studies BsC. As a runner, some of the degrees that may be closest to your passion include a BsC in Health and Human Sciences, a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, and Medicine. This type of degree will enable you to work alongside athletes in areas such as injury prevention, surgery,  and rehabilitation. However, if you are keen on working in health support, then you can opt instead for a BsC in Health Studies. The latter will enable you to work as a Project Manager for a running team, a therapy assistant, or a support worker for athletes with disabilities. In all these jobs, your knowledge of the athlete’s goals, ambitions, and physical and mental obstacles faced by runners, will all come in handy.

Mental Tenacity

It isn’t just what you learn when you are a runner, but also the mental resilience you strengthen when you train for a challenging race like the Key West Half Marathon. Research published in the journal, PLoSONE has found that participants in demanding marathons have significantly and meaningfully higher mental toughness than athletes from other sports. This resilience is necessary both to prepare for a race and take part in one.

Getting into your college of choice involves much more than simply achieving good grades. Top colleges often take an interest in candidates’ extra-curricular activities, which are indicative of the qualities they may have picked up along the way. As a runner, you can impress recruiters with your knowledge of anatomy, your ability to work alongside athletes, and your mental toughness.


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